Ruse Summer Free Tour

The free walking tour in English around the central parts
of the Bulgarian city of Ruse


Ruse Summer Free Tour is a guided walking tour in English around the central parts of the Bulgarian city of Ruse. It is one of the greatest and easiest ways to orientate yourself in it.
Ruse is known by many names among which the Small Vienna and the City of the First 100 Things in Bulgaria. It is the largest Bulgarian river port and the hometown of the only Nobel Prize laureate born and raised in the country.
Ruse Summer Free Tour was started by a bunch of friends. All of us were born and grew up in Ruse. We all share a great passion for its history, architecture, people, and culture, and are driven by enthusiasm. Ruse has a lot in store for you, so just show up and make the most out of your free time in the city!


Every Saturday @ 6:00 pm
During the summer months



Statue of Liberty
Liberty Square



Duration of ~one hour & a half Regardless of the weather
No advance reservation needed




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Tour guide

Katerina is born and bred in Ruse. She graduated the English Language School in the city and then ventured to study Economics in Vienna, Austria. Years later she discovered the magic of traveling and for the next three years she worked at the Front Desk of a German Cruise Line. Her European adventure was yet in the beginning... She went to France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, and Russia, where she guided group tours as a bilingual Tour Director. The responsibilities of family life, however, brought her back to her roots and now she lives in her beautiful home town of Ruse together with her husband and lovely daughter. Katerina has a bachelor degree in Tourism and works as a local tour operator and guide. Besides Bulgarian, she speaks fluent English and German. She grew up in a family of professional folk dancers and choreographers and still has a great passion for the Bulgarian folklore. She is an amateur folk dancer and believes that dancing is one of these little things, which make our big world better..

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Tour guide

Mihail is a 35 years young traveler, mountain and tour guide and a very good connoisseur of his country - Bulgaria. He is able to inspire people for many interesting places, to present their favorite cities in a very exciting way as this applies mostly for the city of Ruse, where he lives today. He is concerned with different environmental issues and participates in campaigns for the preservation of Bulgaria`s nature, but most of the efforts he puts into all there is to the establishing of sustainable forms of tourism.

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Tour guide

I am Neff and traveling is my passion. Born and raised in Ruse, at 24 I ventured on a cruise manager career that took me all around Europe. I`ve been to many places, lived in many cities and met a lot of interesting people. Now I am back to my home town, living with my amazing 8-year old daughter, and am eager to share with you, guys, what a wonderful and unique European city Ruse is. Itching to meet you all, fellas. And welcome!

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Tour guide

Vlado is a journalist and a translator and develops a blog of his own in Romanian and Bulgarian language, called "The Bridge of Friendship". Apart from Europe, he`s had the chance to visit lands such as Alaska, Azerbaijan, Palestina and Iran, but believes that the most beautiful sky with the most special light among all cities he has lived in is the one above Rousse.


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