About Us

We're a group of enthusiasts who love our city

Who's Behind?

Ruse Summer Free Tour is a voluntary initiative, the only one of its kind in Ruse. We are a group of friends who grew up together, are happy to share our experience with you, love our beautiful city, and wish to spark off that same love in our visitors.
We have individual roles to play in the organization of the Tour and while contributing to the idea by dedicating our time and skills. We share a collective enthusiasm about the city, want to tell you the well-known and not-so-well-known tales of its past and present, and are ardent to pass our passion onto you. Everything we do is inspired by the underlying desire to show Ruse at its best, free of charge, to anyone who is curious to know more.
We aspire to reveal the magic of our city to you, to make you feel at home and think of it the way we do - as locals. To make you see it through the eyes of a local.

Why Do We Do It?

We got involved in the Ruse Summer Free Tour adventure because we truly love this city. We believe it has much more to surprise you with than you will see at first glance. The city gave us a lot while we were becoming who we are today and we want to give back in return. We want to make people feel welcome here and we ventured on an alternative way to achieve that.
We love to make new friendships and exchange thoughts, ideas, and experience with visitors coming from various countries. Our primary goal is to show you what a fantastic place Ruse is and to inspire others to be proactive and take part in the walks.
We believe in diversity, individualism, and independence and welcome all people from around the globe to come and join the Tour. Join our efforts, spread the word, and help us make the summer evenings in Ruse ever more interesting!