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Old Center of Ruse, Bulgaria

The guided walk starts in front of the Statue of Liberty at Liberty Square in the old central quarter. The group gathers in early evening to avoid the heat of the day and grasp the most captivating city atmosphere.
You reach the Opera House(2), which is within a 5-minute walk, and see the red gorgeous building and the small fountain in front of it illuminated in colorful lights at dusk.
Your next stop is the familiar St. Trinity Orthodox Church(3), which is right next to the Opera House. After a short imaginary visit in the church, our guides lead you towards the Regional Library.
On your way, you pass near the long pedestrian Alexandrovska Street. In the short distance to your right you see the favorite meeting place of locals - the Clock Tower(4), and some 30 meters later is the impressive Profit-Yielding Building(5).
Just in front of the elegant Regional Library(6) is the Old Center of Ruse now called Battenberg Square(7) with its small and quiet park, a fountain, benches and an alcove.
To one side of the Square is the Regional Museum of History(8), which was initially intended as a palace for the Bulgarian Prince Alexander Battenberg, now boasting its ancient aristocratic architecture.
Facing the Palace is the Eco-Museum(9) and, next to it, Hristo Botev High School(10), famous for being the first large-scale XIX-century male gymnasium to introduce modern educational methods.

Along the Danube Promenade

Your route continues towards the pier and riverside. Walking along the Danube Promenade is the second part of your free guided tour in Ruse.
Your first stop is Sexaginta Prista(11) - the old Roman Fortress, bearing hundreds of years of ancient history. A magical place of old times, hidden in the bustling city.
The next destination is Elias Canetti's House(12) - the place where Elias Canetti's grandfather used to trade and meet his customers. Elias Canetti is so far the only Nobel Prize laureate who was born and lived in Bulgaria. Today the spectacular brick building is used as a modern urban art space for installations, exhibitions, and cultural events.
Old River Port located on the river bank. Then you stroll along the Promenade and enjoy the riverside for its tranquility.
You last couple of sites are Zachari Stoyanov's Museum(13) and Baba Tonka's House-Museum(14). Zachari Stoyanov and Baba Tonka are well-known by Bulgarians for they were two of the most prominent revolutionaries during the so called National Revival period in our country before the Liberation in 1878.
You will discover some of the oldest neighborhoods in the city and walk some of its tiny, cozy streets. They still keep their original look of paved ground and small pavilions with wooden window frames.

Why Join Ruse Summer Free Tour?

  • Get the best of Ruse for just one day
  • It is only 1.5 hours
  • It is carried out in fluent English
  • Meet genuine locals and get a first-hand insight about our country and traditions
  • Find out even more inspiring sights on your way
  • Shoot pictures of authentic landmarks
  • Find out cute cafes, pubs, shops, and restaurants in the meantime