Visit Ruse, Bulgaria

Enjoy the Tourist Sights

So, you have an idea to travel to Ruse? The 5th biggest Bulgarian city hides a bunch of amazing surprises, waiting to be explored by you! Here you can find handy tips about the museum exhibitions, the attractions, and sightseeing points and local landmarks.

Discover the Main Tourist Attractions

The city has a rich and long history. For over 20 centuries, it has proudly kept its attractive position on the Danube river bank. Since classical times, when it was the largest Roman harbor in these territories, it has developed many layers of culture and history. The current face of the city is a symbiosis between ancient and modern, traditional and contemporary. Serving for years as a significant cultural, trade, and logistic center in Bulgaria, it bears a long-lasting European heritage.
It will enchant you with its amalgam of architectural styles. Mixing Neo-Baroque with Classicism, it is often compared to Vienna. Thanks to the many decorative elements found in its architectural ornamentation, which are similar to the Viennese Secession, it is a perfect example of post-aristocratic urban area.
The city is a preferred tourist destination both for relaxing trips and history lessons of the Balkans. With many sights to see and things to do, for a couple of days you will spend a fully satisfying holiday. Take a round to the central parts and the Old Center, which reveal a calm and green areas with benches, fountains, and plenty of little cafes and restaurants. The long pedestrian Alexandrovska street is stretching along, so you can spend the whole day in pleasant walks with your friends.

The Best Sightseeing Experience

Join the journey with our passionate guides to explore the secrets of the central historical part, iconic buildings, and monuments. Don't miss the Clock, a famous meeting point for locals, and the Square of Liberty. Nearby are the Orthodox St Trinity Cathedral and the Opera House.
If you'd rather prefer a day at a museum, Ruse will not let you down - we have plenty of interesting local collections. You can find rich collections at:

Find Awesome Views in Ruse, Bulgaria

You can see the best views by reaching the pier and spending a calm afternoon close to the Danube river. Stroll down the alleys away from the city hassle. Discover unpretentious cafes and have a tasty drink or - why not! - a glass of local beer. The evening couldn't be more enjoyable with the eye-catching view of the marvelous Danube at dusk.
Use the rest of your vacation to head on a tour around the other must-see sights, not included in the free tour. There's a lot more to see outside the city in a less than 60-kilometer distance. Visit the Ivanovo Rock Churches or the Basarbovo Monastery. Quite near is also the Medieval Fortress of Cherven and within 15 minutes' drive you will reach the beautiful Lipnik Nature Park.