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It is a point of real interest for history lovers and people passionate to discover Bulgaria through its historical tradition and cultural heritage. You can see various collections focused on Bulgarian lifestyle throughout the centuries, ethnographic art, and historic objects. The most frequently visited display is the beautiful Thracian treasure found in the village of Borovo. It consists of exquisite hand-made silver pots and cups.
Of another display are archeological founds from the old fortresses of Yatrus and Sexaginta Prista, which were once situated on the river bank. If you're a fan of Medieval murals, there is a separate collection. Since you're already here, save some time for the ethnographic exhibition of clothing, silver, and porcelain objects from XIX century. You can also see a numismatic collection of old coins and personal belongings of Bulgarian revolutionaries.
In one of halls, you will find an interior display of musical saloons which were part of the old aristocratic houses as well as personal belongings of a number of famous musicians at the time. Furthermore, there is a prehistoric review and an armory exhibition revealing the weapons of the Roman Emperors Gordian III and Caracalla.
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This is your place for natural history research. Rolling back in time to the Prehistoric era its displays illustrate the coexistence of animals and plants. The four-floor building combines different dioramas- expositions of stuffed animals presented in a mock-up of their natural habitats such as trees and leaves.
You can also observe animals and predators exhibited from a different viewpoint by entering a special zone for animal observation. Short movies are among the entertainments at the Museum presenting useful and engaging information about the animals and revealing how the world looks as if seen through their eyes.
On the base floor is set the largest aquarium for freshwater fish in Bulgaria. You can explore rare, wild river types of fish that are typical for this area. The aquarium is divided into seven separate basins which expose different species.
The highlight of the display is the life-size realistic model of a wooly mammoth. Wooly mammoths are the best known mammoths to natural historians thanks to the many skeletons and frozen remains found over the years of research. It is the only place, not only in Ruse but also in Bulgaria where you can see what these extraordinary creatures looked like.
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After the Liberation, Ruse was first to adopt the latest cultural trends from Europe and establish businesses for the first time in Bulgaria. One of these was the construction of the first railway station in the country. The Museum of Transport has three separate expositions step-by-step revealing the development of rail transport in Bulgaria in XIX and the beginning of XX century.
The amazing complex holds authentic luxury carriages and machines used for transportation. The exhibition spans both on the inside and on the outside, where the wagons are exhibited.
You can see the original steam engines and the personal wagons of the leading members of the Bulgarian monarchy. A unique exhibit is the Turkish Sultan carriage covered in bright blue and showcasing delicate decorations and example of luxury interior.
The building is preserved to persist the looks it had when it was initially constructed in 1866. Today it is considered to be a building of national importance because of its authenticity and the first of its kind in Bulgaria. You can learn more about the Bulgarian transportation by rail and find out which the primary journey paths to Europe were. The building is right on river bank of the Danube and is accessible from the park area nearby.
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This is a charming ethnographic building located near the river and representing the bourgeois lifestyle in our country at the turn of XX century. Two hundred years ago, our city became a modern European place attracting wealthy residents from around the globe. The building, often called the House of Kaliopa, keeps one of the well-known and favorite city legends.
The two-story building reveals expositions of modern interiors and household objects. When it was acquired by the Bulgarian trader and revolutionary Stefan Kamburov in 1870, the house was adorned with beautiful murals, trending at the time in Europe.
The Museum first opened to visitors in 1987. Since then, locals and visitors can see examples of a modern European interior from late XIX and early XX century. The exposition today includes paintings, traditional furniture, ceramics, and musical instruments. Inside the music saloon is one of the first grand pianos ever used in Bulgaria.
The house exposition also includes preserved official apparel and hand-crafted table coverings and curtains. And to be even more tempting, the house is situated near the river pier and has an extraordinary and quaint view over the Danube.
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Since you're here, you cannot just walk away from the biggest art center in Ruse - the City Art Gallery. Neighboring the central parts, you can reach it in 10 minutes' walk. The Gallery holds both permanent and temporary exhibitions.
It exhibits iconic works from Bulgarian artists from the past century. A permanent display is specially curated to show the process of transformation of the modernistic Bulgarian art. Starting from the famous names of national painters and sculptors to more contemporary examples of unconventional art, the curated display will lead you through the years of development of local and national ideas, trends, and movements.
The gallery also attracts current artists to present their new works in individual or joint exhibitions. The temporary expositions change on a rolling principle every couple of months. The Art Gallery halls are home to many cultural events such as art talks, discussions, and screenings. You're welcome to spend a pleasant time and dive into the imaginative and artistic spirit of Ruse.
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If you're looking for breathtaking highpoint views or want to visit an old monastery, check out the attractions in the vicinity.